Little Preludes Pre-Piano Class:

For children age 3-5 years old, who are ready to take the first steps toward playing an instrument, but aren’t quite ready for private lessons - the Little Preludes Pre-Piano class provides your little ones with the foundation they need to be successful in future music study. And it’s fun!


Classes are in a group setting. Students will be introduced to basic musical concepts, reading & writing notation, beginning keyboard knowledge, music theory & history, ear training, and more! Activities include singing, movement, instrument play, rhythm exercises, guided listening, and introduction to orchestral instruments; with elements of music explored with fun games, songs, stories, crafts, and fingerplays.


In Little Preludes, your child will receive a comprehensive introduction into musical education. This will provide them with a solid foundation that will benefit them for years to come; and set them up for success in future music study, academic achievement and social interaction.


Classes meet on Saturday mornings at 10am. Check out our schedule to find the time that will work best for your family.

Each class is 30 minutes long.


Tuition for Little Preludes is $80 a month.  Classes are ongoing, so you can join anytime!


First class is March 2, 2019. Call 210-465-6239 or email to find out more information and enroll TODAY!

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